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Website Hosting - Secure Server Space For Your Website



 This is an excellent question.  If you are not a in the Tech. World, but you own a business, and have been investigating getting a website.  Then you have heard of Hosting.  The simple answer is: Hosting is Space on a Hard Drive, where your Website files, are located.

This is how I have always explained it, to new Clients.  When you are setting buying a Website, you are gonna need to know about:

1. Domain Name
2. Hosting Space
3. Website Application
4. http Server
5. Email Server
6. DNS Server
7.  SSL Certificate (Encryption & Protection for Visitors)
8. S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimazation)


   The Domain name is the Virtual Address/Name of your Business. The Website is your Virtual Building. And the Hosting is the Virtual Land, your Business (Website) resides on.  So, depending on the type of Website you are gonna need, will factor in, how much Hosting Space you need.

  Now, when it all boils down to it, Hosting Space, is Hard Drive Space on a System, located somewhere.  You Laptop, phone, and even Camera, can have Server Space.  The Website App. is Files, saved on a Hard Drive, some place,  And the Domain name, is an word based name, for a set of numbers, known as an IP address.

  Thats the basic overview of Hosting Space.  The other things you need to know about, are if things which you need to know, if you are Developing your own website.  If not, it is what your Webmaster, will take care of, for you.  Such as the DNS Server.  This is used to tell Browser what to do, when request are made to your Server. S.E.O.  is used to help get your Site listed in Search Engines, with Keywords, and Keyword pharses, related to what you have to offer.

    Now, here at I am IT.  These are the Servers we can Install for your Website.  
1.  Linux  (CentOs & Ubuntu)
2.  Windows

   We have other Server Software, and can install them, but these are the main 2.  We also install Email Servers, and Video Server.  Running PHP 7 & 8.We will take care of all of this for you.  After meeting with you, and then determining what is going to be best for your business, we will then take care of all this for you.  

    Cloud, and VPS are two other known terms, in Hosting.  All Hosting, is in the Cloud.  V.P.S is multiple CLOUDS, running on one System.  You can learn more about them by Click the Links above.  Contact Doc today, and let Doc go to Work for you.  He will take care of everything for you.  And, it is at a VALUE.  The work is Professional, however, Doc does not overcharge, and makes having a Website affordable, for everyone.  
    I have been Developing Websites for over 20 Years.  I have built my own Compaines, and Establish a dominate Web Presence, with each.  And now, I am doing it for others.  Let me do it for your Company, or Business.  Remember my Motto: "We don't Profit, until you Profit."