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I am IT Website Design Hosting and Marketing isyour Certified and IT Professional Website Creator


  Welcome to IamIT.host where the customer is alway's first, and right.  In the ever growing, and demanding Online World, a company must have a easy to use, and quick to load, website.  
    We take great pride in helping Our clients reach their online goals.  From Website Design,  Search Engine Optimazatiom (S.E.O.), and Online Marketing Plans. IamIT is here to help.

I am IT Website Design =
Affordable Website Development in Huntsville Alabama

We make Website's Affordable and Provide Professional Promo Video Creations & Graphic Designs for an affordable and fair price.  Make I am IT Website Design Your Top Choice for Web Development, social media marketing, and graphics design.  Doc's MOTTO is:  "We don't Profit, until you Profit."  Contact Us today, and let Doc help you increase Your profits, and make a solid online presence.    


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Better Built Homes of Alabama

Barndo Pro is Better Built Homes of Alabama Barndominium  Website we Developed and Designed

Glitz & Glam 360 Cam 

Glitz & Glam 360 Cam is a Website Design and Developed by I am IT Website Design

Coach OC Giles County Bobcats Football 

CoachOC is another Website I am IT Website Design has Designed and Developed in Southern Middle Tennessee


MORE ABOUT I am IT Website Design

    Our Company Divisions are set up to help you, make your presence on the Web, known.  We can develop your website for you.  While developing your website, we provide the proper setup for S.E.O. Which, allows your site to be listed in all the major search engines, and for your website to be found with, keywords and keyword phrases, which fit your needs.

    We also provide the Hosting Space for your Website. With fast, reliable servers, located in different locations. Your website will always be available.  Our Server's are located all over the WORLD.  Your site, will alway's be available for your visitors to access.

   If you are a hands on person, and merely need the Hosting space. then we have Shared Hosting packages, Virtual Privite Serves, and Cloud Server Packages available for you.  If you need WHM, Cpanel or Plesk, we have them for you.  We also have CentOS Server, Ubuntu Server, Linuz Arch Server, and more. Available for you to install on your Virtual Serving Space.  We even have Windows Servers, if that is what you need.

   We will work closely with you, and provide you all the support you need.  We like to think of you as Family, and we build strong relationships with our clients.  This help's us and you, get  the most our of your website.  Being from the South, we have a strong background in family reationships, and friend ship's. 

   Let me easily explain what you will need.  We will start with the Domain name, which we can register for you.  At this time, we have .com name's for $1. the first year, the 19. the second.  But, if you can go with a .org, .net, .us, or any of the other extensions, then we can get you an even better deal.  But it take's the Domain name to get you started.  Unless you already have one.  Think of the Domain Name as your street address.   The your Website is you Building, your place of business.  Your website is the files need to create your Online Interface.

   If your Domain name is your address, and you website is the house, then the Hosting Space is the and in which your House, or Business Building (Website) sites on. And the Domain name is the Address to this land and Building.   That is one of the easiest way I know of expalaining everything to you.  If you are intrested in knowing more. Please contact us.  We are available 24 hours a day, for customer support.  

I am IT Website Design Hosting & Marketing offers affordable Website Creation and more

    Take the time to go through some of our Page's, and looking over the differrent packages we have to offer.  I am in the middle of updating our Entire Network of Websites, and developing a more user friendly and helpful web Interface for our Clients and visitors.  Do nt hesitate to contact us if you are in need of a website, and not sure what you need.  We will always keep in mind a fair budget, when laying out a plan for you and Our Goal is to help you start making money online. Cause, when you start making money online, you will have more money to spend on Web Hosting and Marketing. 

    We have a 30 day money back guarantee. We are thankful for your business and will go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy.  I also promote your newly design, or modified website, on my Network.  Along with, on my Social Media Accounts.  This helps promote your Business. I do this as a way to show you Thanks, for letting me work for you.  I value, your Business.  Again, thanks for visiting, and we look forward to working with you. Have a blessed Day!  ==DOC owner


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